Travelling back to Wakanda!


Tonal was very pleased to be part of this project hired by a Greek Sorority called Delta Rho Zeta.

With the project inspired by the Marvel film “Wakanda”, the focus was ensuring that this was completed in time for a very important event in their calender. Upon embarking in Wakanda on their spaceships they are greeted by T’Challa’s mother. The surroundings from this scene are the main elements of this build. With emphasis on the superior technology of Wakanda and to reflect this accurately we chose to use roads by HTN. To give a city feel that was also modern day, we used Anna Erotica building as fillers surrounded by Fanatik Architecture Lofoten and Kenmoore mountains. To complete the look, the spaceships were then used as center pieces. A large Avanti Shipyards spaceship becoming a big part of the ceremony to introduce the new sisters and allowing for guest seating through refurbished spaceship seats.

Tonal specialize in thinking outside the box. We want to ensure what is in your imagination to become reality while ensuring that it suits your needs. We want to work with you to create your dream venue, sim or even video.

Rosalyn Macarthur