Tonal Do It Yourself - Episode One


Tonal Founder, Lola Wu Yoshin Lionheart (lolasirena) was honored to be asked by an old time friend Wila(wilazarco83) to design her wedding venue. The theme 1940s Hollywood Glamour in colors purple and gold! For this venue Lola created custom tables to fit the theme and since everyone loves to come together over the dinner table we have chosen this is our first DIY episode!



  1. Customize your table: First step is to pick your table. For this design we chose a circular style with table runners. For the runners we used the Vagabond table. By modifying the lace runners purple and making the rest of the table transparent. Then we placed the Vagabond table over the Aria & Loft table to give a dramatic and dark look.

  2. Make your center arrangements: The centerpiece is the most important part of a dining table. For this Hollywood Glamour theme we decided peacock feather with some extra dazzle would do the trick. Using the Noctis peacock vase as the main piece we added the Keke lantern around the vase for lighting and shimmer with two Nutmeg Wreaths to finish it off.

  3. Add your lighting: Lastly, for lighting we used the Nutmeg candle sticks for the finishing touch of romance coupled with the Half Deer Sakura Petals.

Using pieces you would find around your Second Life home, you will be able to make a one of a kind table without having to break your Linden wallet.

Now we challenge you to make your own table using items already in your Second Life homes! Share pictures on your Facebook page.

Like our Tonal Studios page, share our handle with on your post (@tonal studios) and tag #TONALDIY to have your DIY table featured on our Facebook page!

Rosalyn Macarthur