Fight Against Mainland Bullies

It is All About How You Landscape

Browsing the Second Life forums I came across a post from a fellow resident in distress because her neighbor of her mainland property was attempting to bully her off her land in order to acquire it from themselves by building giant prim walls to make her home unpleasant. She knew she could derender the walls to avoid seeing them but was concerned about her guests who will be greeted with these giant prim walls and would also have to go through the steps to not see them.

I am a huge advocate for mainland property. I love the inclusiveness and community opportunity it brings for Second Life residents but I also understand the challenges of having to deal with bullies and money grabbing land flippers. I decided to reach out to her and offer my services free of charge to build a more aesthetically pleasing border for her that would block the views of the wall from inside her parcel without it feeling forced.

The Cry For Help

I am hoping you have some advice.. not sure if I can do anything.. I bought a sweet little parcel on the mainland sim Key Largo... I got an IM from a woman who said.. “you cant buy that land... I set up a cute little house and then.. she put up ugly giant walls on both sides of my small parcel.. obviously she wants me to leave... Any advice from anyone?


Common Challenges

A common challenge people face with their properties surrounded by neighbors is how to make it look nice, block the possible mess their neighbors have made, while keeping a natural feel to their land. The most common remedy to all this is to rez borders usually a straight up stone wall, palm tree border, or a large fence. While these ways certainly do the job they don’t create a serene environment for your home. Since her land was small and narrow I decided that putting up a straight border wasn’t the best choice as it would just make your land feel even smaller and closed in.

I decided adding layers to the border and different elements will give it a valley feel under the branches of giant trees would do the trick. In order to accomplish this I added four layers to the border wall created and an off sim finish to keep an open feel.

For the first part of the wall I used Fanatik Architecture “Cliff Cover” as the base to cover the majority of the neighbors prim walls. To give depth I slanted parts of the Cliff Cover. Then I added the The Domineaux Effect “Victorian Walled Garden” and Botanical “Cypress Tree” to create distance between her home and the Fanatik cliff. Added these two parts gives the land illusion of having more space than what is actually there.

Lastly, I used a modified version of the Heart “Wild Great Oak” by moving the tree trunk to the Cliff Cover. I then moved around the branches and leaves to create an umbrella around her home to give natural shading and depth.

To finish blending the design I used Skye “Tropical Beach building Set” and Fanatik Architecture “Lofoten” to extend her land.

Garden Reflection Reception_004.png


I chose to build the border this way because when you want to consider your guest coming to visit and your views you always want to consider 360 degrees. A straight wall blocks the sides of your home however it doesn’t block when looking up or at an angle. The trees above give a pleasant view for when you are laying down and looking up. Instead of seeing the edge of a prim border you are seeing branches and leaves. The off sim beach with rocks allows for you to sit at a 45 degree angle and still have a pleasant view without ever notices your neighbors prims. Instead you will see beach rocks with water splashing against them.

At Tonal Studio we strive to challenge our creativity and find creative solutions to normally difficult land. We believe all land has the potential to be beautiful! It is just how you choose to see your empty canvas.

A Happy Land Owner!

Hi All.. update.. I met a lovely lady Lola who offered to come and fix the land so that my friends couldn’t see the ugliness around my land.. shes amazing.. check out the picture to see what she did for me!! I have been in sl quite some time now.. and I am so glad I found this forum.. y’all are amazing! xoxox HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
— Rozxi
Lola Sirena