The Destination Wedding (and how to create your dream wedding on your own)

So, You Are Doing it On Your Own!

Client custom destination wedding

Client custom destination wedding

There is nothing more fulfilling than having your hands in the creation of your special day. If you are decided to do a DIY wedding please take these few tips and guidelines into consideration in preparation for your big day.


Pick Your Theme

You will need to pick a theme before anything else. This is the fun part and will determine what you will need in the next steps.



Find Land

Depending on your theme you will need a parcel or a full region. If you are going with a minimal and basic design you can looking into finding a 8192 sq.m parcel on a full region or mainland to use. If you want something more elaborate with enough room for landscaping, ceremony, and reception area look into getting a 1/4 parcel on a full region. If you theme is very elaborate, has a large guest list, or full sim experience you will need a full region.

Keep in mind the smaller the parcel the less control you have over amount of people on the region, the lag caused by neighboring parcels, and the landscaping options.



Plan The Layout.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. A big mistake people make in designing a venue or region is the lack of planning prior to starting the design. Space can be filled up quickly once you start rezzing items and manipulating land. Important thing to consider is the venues where guest will congregate should always be positioned at the edge of the parcel/region or located in a place with little decorations and textures. For your ceremony the guest should be facing linden water (sim edge). Why? Because it is less textures and prims your guests systems need to rez therefore making it less laggy to them. You can test this yourself by going to a region and facing the linden water edge and check your FPS. Then turn around and face the center of the region where most of the decor is and check your FPS. Your FPS will drop as you begin to face the center of the region. If you have a full region for your wedding try to make the venues as far apart as the theme will allow. This will also help with lag. An example of this is a shopping event or club. Once you enter the club with all the people your lag will increase but on the same region if you go on the opposite side you will feel some relief on lag. Treat your layout the same and “distribute” the impact on the region by spreading it out.



Research and Purchase

Start shopping! Browse marketplace to find items that work for your theme. Make a list of items you like and start comparing pricing and land impact to choose the best option for you. There are also tons of full perm items to customize for your big day. This can get pricey so plan a budget ahead of time and keep to it. You can also use items you already own and modify them to your liking. View our DIY video for ideas on how to make items your own



Build And Have Fun

Start building and have fun doing it. Play around with your venues, move things around, and get out of your comfort zone until you have something that you absolutely love!

I hope these steps help you in the process of making your wedding the best it can be for you! Tonal is always happy to help fellow Second Life residents on pushing their creativity! Need more help or suggestions just send us a comment on FB or email us!


Wedding Team

If you will be looking for people to assist with the wedding day such as officiant, planner, photographer, etc there are several wedding companies who can assist with off sim weddings and supply the staff you need!

Lola Sirena