Tonal Do It Yourself - Episode Three

Off - Sim Designs


  1. Decide what you want to make outside your sim limits. Think of things that will extend the look and size of your land like small hills, beach forms, roads, etc.

  2. Create a prim box to use as the root prim and set aside.

  3. Rez the items you want to use for your off sim designs and put them together they way you would like them displayed.

  4. Link all the items together to make one item.

  5. Link the off sim design to your root prim box. MAKE SURE THE ROOT PRIM BOX IS THE LAST THING YOU CLICK BEFORE HITTING LINK.

  6. Add new items as you see fit until you are happy with your design. Always make sure the root prim is the last thing selected.

  7. Move your finish design to the edge of the sim. Your root prim box is the last thing to hit the sim edge making your design off sim.

  8. Edit the off sim design select the root prim only (by selecting the “Edit Linked” box in the edit menu) and make it 100% transparent.

The root prim is the base of all objects. As long as your root prim is on your land anything attached to it can be off sim. Play around with different designs and see how much more you can create with this easy tool on making your land look bigger than it really is!

Tag Tonal Studios on facebook of the off sim designs you make! We love to see the creative work of fellow residents!

Lola Sirena