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TONAL Travel - Hospitality role play team

TONAL is currently hiring for Hospitality team members to create a exciting environment for TONAL Travel guest. This position is role play based and seasonal. You will need to commit to work days during June 14th - 16th and June 28th - 30th and be comfortable with taking on one or more of the following RP roles:

  • Waiter

  • Spa Technician

  • Tour Guide

  • Flight Attendant

Payment is L$300 hr. Shifts are usually 3 hours per day. You can work as many shifts that you are available for and will be scheduled based on traveler needs.

Next destination will be in October/November. We will offer continue employment for reliable and professional team members.

TONAL Travel is a expedition experienced with alternating locations per theme. We offer 2 months worth for fully immersive role play travel to groups to experience a new exotic location. Our hospitality team is important to create these experiences for guest and give them a fun time they will never forget.

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