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TONAL Travel - Hospitality role play team

TONAL is currently hiring for Hospitality team members to create a exciting environment for TONAL Travel guest. This position is role play based and seasonal. You will need to commit to work days during May 17th - 19th and be comfortable with taking on one or more of the following RP roles:

  • Waiter

  • Spa Technician

  • Tour Guide

  • Flight Attendant

Payment is based on each shift worked. Each shift is L$900. You can work as many shifts that you are available for and will be scheduled based on traveler needs.

Future travel dates will be in June. We will offer continue employment for reliable and professional team members.

TONAL Travel is a expedition experienced with alternating locations per theme. We offer 2 months worth for fully immersive role play travel to groups to experience a new exotic location. Our hospitality team is important to create these experiences for guest and give them a fun time they will never forget.