Founder - Lola Sirena Lionheart

Booking Inquires

What is TONAL? Tonal is a creative agency within Second Life focusing on video production and sim design for commercial projects

Who is behind TONAL? The founder of Tonal is Lola Sirena Lionheart (lolasirena). Lola prefers to be in the shadows and let the work speak for itself.

Will TONAL do my home? While we focus on commercial and fantasy clients, TONAL will open a few months of the year for residential design clients. 

What do you consider commercial? If your project is for other residents in Second Life to enjoy then it is commercial. We cater to clubs, resorts, public sims, exploration sims, event sims, and anything else that is for residents!

Why are there no rates posted anywhere? No project is the same. With that in mind we like to speak one on one with our clients to understand their goal and quote accordingly. 

Can you design our wedding? Yes! Tonal is now open for wedding bookings. We can design your wedding at your location or at the Tonal Ranch - Country Club for a scenic full experience weddings. We offer simple packages to venue build only all the way to full wedding planning.


Welcome to Tonal. Here we believe in pure imagination and creating compelling, mind altering, and thoroughly exciting products for our clients within Second Life. We take all projects seriously and thrive to create the best finished product possible. Lola Lionheart(lolasirena) created TONAL as a way to express creativity for Second Life Residents through various mediums. Specializing in video production, sim and set design we offer you a company who has no limit in what we can imagine to create a memorable experience for you. 




Video and Design

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