Travel Packet June 14th

JUNE 14th - June 16th Travel Packets


Flight Times

  1. 10 Person (Business)

    1. Red Eye Flight 19:00 SLT

    2. Red Eye Flight 19:00 SLT

  2. 4 Person (Business)

    1. Red Eye Flight 19:00 SLT

  3. 2 Person Lodging (Business)

    1. Afternoon Flight 14:00 SLT

    2. Red Eye Flight 19:00 SLT

    3. Afternoon Flight 14:00 SLT

    4. Red Eye Flight 19:00 SLT

  4. VIP Travelers (Upper Deck Lounge)

Travel Parties & Lodging

  1. 10 Person Lodging

    1. itsmebitchez resident / North West Residence

    2. lone lyric / Central Residence

  2. 4 Person Lodging

    1. Aidenheaux Resident / North East Residence

  3. 2 Person Lodging

    1. hottstarrtv Resident / North West Residence

    2. isis hernandoz / North East Residence

    3. Zandrasnowpawsnyder Resident / Central

    4. Recka Diabolito / North East Residence

  4. VIP Travelers

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Additional Guest Information

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Principal Travel Legacy Name
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